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Cator Woolford Gardens - Marble Staircase

Cator Woolford Gardens: The Perfect Wedding Venue in Atlanta

Cator Woolford Gardens - Marble Staircase

Although there are many wedding venues throughout Atlanta, Cator Woolford Gardens is undoubtedly the one of my favorite venues for the special events of life such as weddings and engagement parties. Located at the Frazer Center, Cator Woolford Gardens is in the historical district of Atlanta offering a brief glimpse back into the the early 1900s.


It is surrounded by the woodland area of beautiful Druid Hills with 39 acres of so well preserved lawns and greenery that you’d think you stepped back into the 1920s once you’re in the garden. This elegant haven is among a handful of still standing estates in the city today and it appears to be untouched by the rapid growth of Atlanta.

Events friendly architecture:

Cator Wooldford Gardens

There are the Italian-styled gardens that provide the best place for holding an outdoor wedding ceremony and other extravagant events in the serenity and southern allure of Cator Woolford Gardens. Cator Woolford Gardens is among the most significant concealed gems of Atlanta. Not only it does it spruces up any event held here, but it supports the noble cause  the mission of Frazer Center has of nurturing children and adults who have developmental disabilities within the community of Atlanta.

Cator Woolford Gardens surrounds its people with the never-ending naturally  mesmerizing and ravishing beauty of the gardens with original grandeur and old world charm. Promise your love to one another among the gorgeous and stunning lady banks, twilight roses, camellias, wisteria, dogwoods, azaleas, and daisies that adorn these captivating grounds. Then, commemorate your beautiful wedding with an evening with your loved ones underneath the beautiful white canopies draped in beautiful lights nestled beside the Italian pavilion.

Through endless southern splendor and allure aligning the dreamy ambiance for your special day, you will come into this new season of your life with plenty of love and endless series of laughter in the garden full of eccentricity and enchantment. The picturesque and amicable arrangement of Cator Woolford Gardens can make for spectacular photo opportunities. It is the best venue for a luxury wedding or engagement portraits, along with other types professional photography and film productions. It is the finest venue for capturing the most exclusive moments of life because of its truly magical atmosphere.

The mesmerizing locale-Best choice for photography:

Cator Woolford Gardens - Arched railing


The gardens feature numerous locations that are simply beautiful. Cator Woolford Gardens serves as the ideal venue for high-end weddings, regal engagement photos, and even maternity photo shoots. The grand staircase, the ceremony lawn, the pavilion, and the colonnade are the most captivating spots for photography.

The grand staircase is done in an Italian Architecture style which gives a sense of grandeur and class that perfectly frames bridal and engagement portraits. The ceremony lawn is fringed by the magnificent landscaping, the rambling green ceremony lawn establishes the mind-blowing arena for the family portraits after your wedding.

The pavilion is another eye-catchy location. The Italian columns together with the archways and the pavilion is constructed with marble which was originally white in color, as a result, nature has left its subtle marks on them over the decades. This framework will give you a wedding venue or engagement photo spot that will make your friends envious that they didn’t find it sooner.

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