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January 3, 2020

Family of Four sitting on log under moss tree
One of the best parts of hiring a Georgia photographer who has been doing this whole picture-taking thing for a while is that we have a huge arsenal of incredible session locations for you to choose from. It is sort of like how Joanna Gaines has an entire warehouse of vintage doors and accent pieces, only ours is a digital file of locations (and we get to reuse the same one occasionally).
That said, we totally understand that you want to have a say in choosing your portrait session backdrop. It is your session, after all! To be honest, we are super eager to hear what you have in mind, and we might even have some sweet location ideas to share with you off the top of our head.
6 Ways to Find the Perfect Session Location for Your Portraits
Really, choosing the best location for your portrait session is about figuring out what vibe you are going for and then from there we can brainstorm together to find a spot that’ll make your heart skip a beat. Here are six ways to jump start the process:
· Consider Your Preferred Style: The best portrait sessions capture your existing style. Think of what your favorite outfits are and what sort of style you are drawn to, and then we will come up with complementary session location. For example, if you lean toward bohemian, then an urban landscape may not be your jam.
· Are you Thinking Indoors or Outdoors? Both have their perks, but by narrowing down your choice to either indoor or outdoor we’ll be able to quickly refine the focus.
Below image was taken indoors in front of our bay windows with a sheer curtain to diffuse the light. Isn’t it gorgeous!
· Think About Color: Do you want bright and splendid backdrop, or one that is more minimalist? By narrowing down your preferred color story, we can narrow down your session location.
One year old portraits, customized dress with red bow, in front of wooded area at White Oak Park, Dallas GA
· How Many People Are Being Photographed? This detail matters for a few locations, especially if you decide to go with a small space or an indoor locale. If it is just you or a few people total, then your options are limitless. Large groups, however, require large and open spaces, otherwise things may start to feel crowded or overwhelming during the shoot itself.
Engaged couple heads together, looking down through spring blooms on tree
· Consider Sentimental Spots: If a location has special meaning to you then it can make your session and images even more personalized. For example, engagement sessions taken at your first-date location, family portraits taken in your forever home, or the ice-cream shop you went to all the time as a kid. Like the location below; this family hikes this trail weekly and they love going on adventures there. That means they have a personal connection to this location which in turn will make them love their portraits that much more!
Beautiful African American Woman in Dress playing with her hair
· Look at Some of Your Favorite Images: What sort of portrait images are you drawn to when scrolling through social media or flipping through a magazine? Is it rich, lush greenery? Is it gritty graffiti? Hazy fields? Modern lines? Let this natural inclination inform your session location choice.
Blue Ridge Mountains Vogel State Park
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